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Orbit IP Business Intelligence
Orbit is ideal if you are a patent analyst, IP manager, marketing executive, business developer, CTO, CEO, or someone who wants to develop and protect their intellectual property.

Web based patent analysis software integrating the Orbit Prior Art search module with a powerful suite of patent analysis visualizations, designed to give answers to key business questions. Access is available for a fixed annual fee based on the number of users and patent volumes required for analysis.

intellectual property business intelligence

Patent data contains unrivaled business intelligence information. There are now over 2 million patent applications per year and each application represents a significant investment in a documented and classified technology area.
Orbit IP Business Intelligence provides the tools needed to unlock the business insight hidden in global patent data:

1. Unique normalized data source; 100+ patent authorities, unique invention based family structure, normalized assignees, enhanced legal status data.
2. Lightning fast processing times; transform data sets of over 1 million patent families into graphs in seconds.
3. Active data interrogation; click on any point on any graph to view the source data detail behind the big picture.
4. Custom data normalization options; create custom normalization rules merging related companies, technologies and inventors into simple groups.
5. Award-winning graphical representations.

main features from orbit ipbi

Company analysis

  • Visualize technological strengths
  • View technology investment trends
  • Identify key innovative employees
  • Visualize key geographical markets

Technology analysis

  • Identify the key players
  • View investment acceleration
  • Find potential licensing partners
  • Identify litigation threats
  • Compare ideas with existing

Company comparisons

  • How do technology specialities
  • Who entered the market first?
  • How do investment rates in
         competing technology areas
         compare over time?
  • What is the litigation landscape?

Fast visual prior art searches

  • Cut down large result sets
          in minutes
  • Visualize related key technology
  • Spot new search terms, concepts,
  • Identify co-assignment and
          citations trends