February 9, 2014

Who are we? The Center for Research and Applied Technology in Jalisco (CIATEJ) is part of the National Council of Science and Technology (CONACyT). For more than three decades, CIATEJ has been doing research, developing technology, providing technological services, and training scientists at both the master and doctorate levels. Our mission is to provide technological and human solutions to improve the competitiveness of the agriculture, food, health, and environmental sectors. Our services, research laboratories, and technological capacity are continuously upgraded. This provides the ability to improve and create processes, products and technological services, in response to the challenges and problems of the sectors that we serve. ((View success stories). We have the knowledge and technological tools to address the current complex international environment. We are a proactive organization that is flexible and open to interacting with the market. Our work is guided by the satisfaction and trust of our customers. By collaborating and networking with them, we promote entrepreneurship, creativity, and technological innovation. At CIATEJ, we strive to be a world class leader. Our strategy for knowledge management enables us to consistently achieve outstanding results, with high value and impact in both national and international markets. This brings direct benefits to the companies that we serve, the regions where they are located, and the general public.

The services we provide to our customers and partners are supported by the scientific, technological and service capacity of our staff: 77 PhD’s, 18 Masters of Science, and 57 service-oriented technicians. The staff is organized in a matrix structure, which enables the proper management of our lines of research, effective project management, and an excellent quality management system, all of which make us a highly reliable institution.

Our headquarters are located in the city of Guadalajara, Jalisco, and we have regional offices in Merida, Yucatan (in the Southeast), Monterrey, Nuevo León (in the Northeast) and in Zapopan, Jalisco (in the West).


We are a public research center where we pursue scientific and technological activities, provide technical services, develop human resources, and transfer technology for the agricultural, food, health and environmental sectors, with emphasis on the innovative application of biotechnology, contributing to the sustainable development of Mexico.


To be an organization of knowledge and innovation with a strategic presence in the nation, whose scientific and technical research activities are strengthened through developing national and international networks, generating alliances, and forming technology companies, contributing to the economic, social and environmental well-being of the country.