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PRAGMATEC® is a Knowledge Transfer and Technology Commercialization company derived from the need to strengthen the innovation ecosystem in Mexico by offering services of identification, development, support and commercialization of technologic proposals with a global impact.  PRAGMATEC® plays an important role in the field of innovation and business development in which inventors, entrepreneurs, higher education institutions, innovation clusters, technology transfer offices and investors join efforts to launch new ventures.

PRAGMATEC® comprises a group of experts and strategic partners in Mexico and in the United States that make use of proven methodologies and software tools to improve results in technology-based projects. The transfer office not only consists of a robust network of professionals with experience in launching startups, but it also has access to numerous groups of investors looking for opportunities in various industries such as health sciences, information and communication technology, social media, food and beverage, cloud services, renewable energy, biometric security, transportation, materials, construction and many others.

what we do


With the use of state of the art tools, our talented team designs and executes business strategies including finding ideal licensees and commercial partners.


We offer a vast and comprehensive collection of specialized courses for business and Technology Transfer Offices. Check our catalog for more details.


Our team is capable of formulating  specialized reports, market validation, and numerous other services that add value to your intellectual property.


Do you have technologies and need to profit from them? Search no more! We're here to take care of your intellectual property and monetize it according to your goals.

what our clients are saying

PRAGMATEC®’s discoveries helped us identify regulatory elements and constrains that we needed to consider when introducing our product to the US market. Thanks to them, we gained insight and access to valuable information that we didn’t know was available and helped us launch our product successfully.

Food Research Laboratory

Guadalajara, Jalisco State, Mexico

I am truly satisfied with the topics and contents the consultant from PRAGMATEC® included in the “Entrepreneurship for Researchers” training we received. They were not only interesting, but pertinent and relevant. A dynamic class with superb content and support material.

Public Research and Development Center;

Hermosillo, Sonora State, Mexico

I’m impressed with the results PRAGMATEC® has provided. In two months, my technology offer has been advanced and promoted, receiving more than 300 visitors. I’m also currently in talks with two companies interested in licensing and commercializing the final product.

Independent Inventor

Mexico City

PRAGMATEC® helped me raise nearly $400,000 USD from a grant to continue my development and reach further milestones. Thanks to them, I’ve incorporated a company in the US to raise private capital and will start FDA approval process in a few months.

University Spin-off

Monterrey, Nuevo Leon State, Mexico


our team

Dr. Víctor Sánchez
Mexico Headquarters
Guadalajara, Jalisco

MSc. Mario Ramírez
General Consultant
Mexico city



PRAGMATEC® is a private Technology Transfer Office that recognizes the need to strengthen the innovation ecosystem in Mexico. PRAGMATEC® has created a business platform that offers services for the identification, development, support and commercialization of technologic proposals with global impact and high potential for this emerging economy.

We recognize the value in the effort of technology research and development, but we also accept the fact that commercialization and the creation of a sustainable business is an enormous challenge. It is because of this that we have created PRAGMATEC®, a technology transfer office committed to offering tools and support for the validation, evaluation, licensing execution and creation of new businesses backed up by innovative technologies.


PRAGMATEC®'s main office is in Guadalajara, Mexico. We also have presence in Mexico City, Monterrey, and Austin, Texas in the US.

Main Office
Av. Faro Núm. 2350, Interior 1E
Col. Verde Valle C.P. 44550
Guadalajara, Jalisco

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From Mexico: 01 33 30 02 61 38,
Outside México: +52 33 30 02 61 38



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Edificio MIND
Av. Faro Núm. 2350, Interior 1E
Col. Verde Valle C.P. 44550
Guadalajara, Jalisco 
From Mexico: 01 33 30 02 61 38
Ourside Mexico: +52 33 30 02 61 38